Jastrzębiec coat of arms

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Family name. It is of Polish origin. There is a source that can be traced back to the 17th century. The Mossakowski family (not necessarily our part) is part of a group of families which use the same coat of arms. More Information about the Jastrzębiec coat of arms can be found in Wikipedia.

Mossakowskis originally form Malbork (Marienburg), West Prussia, which is now Poland, now living in Bremen, Germany:
Prof. Dr. Dietrich Mossakowski
Dr. Till Mossakowski
Gustaf Mossakowski

Margaret (Malgorzata) Mossakowska from Sydney, Australia wrote in March 2001:

»I found two versions of family name spelling (Mosakowski and Mossakowski) for the same people identified by first name and date of birth. I would say that the name derives from a name of a village called Mosaki or Mosaki Stara Wies in Poland (near Krasne), where the family probably resided, as the village name is mentioned in one of the birth records I found. Members of the family were christened in nearby Niesiobedy as registered in official church records that reach as far, as pre-1700. I do not know reasons for using different spelling (single or double "s").

My branch of Mossakowski comes from Grudziądz area (formerly Graudenz, West Prussia as it says in Familienbuch)«

(For those unfamiliar with Polish: Mossakowska is the female form of Mossakowski)

Jacek Mossakowski from Lądek Zdrój, Lower Silesia, Poland wrote in September 2002:

»Why two different ways of spelling - Mossakowski and Mosakowski? My father says that one of possibilities is that after splitting Poland, in the Russian part authorities 'cut off' one S to make the surname similar to the name of the city Moskwa ... But I think and feel it's just a theory - although my ancestors lived in Russian part, I have double S in my surname :) ...

We have some quiet old documents - including nobility certificate from the 2nd half of 19th century issued by authorities of Polish Kingdom (Królestwo Polskie) which actually was under Russian authority.«

If you have some additional information or if you want to be added to the above online list of Mossakowskis, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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